Zhongye Channel Ltd can provide all types of pedestrian barrier,and supporting access control system

tripod turnstile gate

Entrance Control Systems Turnstile


Zhongye Channel have many different types of hot selling standard turnstile styles.



  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor and harsh environment
  • As mass production, standard turnstile price can be cheap , and turnstile operation is stable .
  • Can Work with variety of access control systems . Such as RFID card , fingerprint , bar code , facial scanner and mobile phone blue tooth reader ,etc

Speed Gate


  • For speed gate, customer normally will choose customized turnstile design.
  • The speed turnstile motor will be used is servo motor , so the opening / closing time is very quick , the time is 0.2 second
  • Therefore , speed gate price is expensive .  Because of fine appearance and perfect performance
  • Suitable for high-end commercial plaza, exhibition center, noble community, universities, public transport and other places.

speed gate

ticket system turnstile gate

Electronic Ticket System


  • Ticketing system is based on the work of the LAN environment
  • Ticketing system data through the LAN can be summarized ticket sales, the ticket data to the data center for unified management and query
  • If WAN access, the system can achieve a national network ticketing.




Depending on the scene, the system can be customized based on customer requirements

ESD System


Anti-static test management system functional specifications


ESD anti-static system includes reader , staff privileges controller (with 7-inch non-touch screen), the human body static electricity tester, turnstile , management software.


Applicable scene

Clean room , electronics factory , etc

esd system flap turnstile