Security sliding turnstile gate

Secured Entry Control Turnstile 

Security turnstiles manufacturer

Founded in 2015, Nanjing Ltd ,headquartered in Shenzhen, China.
It is dedicated to creating safe, efficient, and comfortable secure entry systems for customers.

Nanjing is a High-Tech Enterprise which focusing on providing access control products and solution . We adhere to independent research,innovation and perfect service.

Stainless steel turnstiles gate with access control system

Ever since our establishment, we are focus on details about turnstile products, solution provider and turnstile maintenance.

Most importantly, we are very care about the customer experience

Perfect turnstile mechanism and OEM Ability

Nanjing is a very young company,our goal is to do a good job in every detail,provide the most durable and reliable turnstiles available. For example, strictly control the quality of products as well as the perfect solution to customer needs. Meanwhile, we place great emphasis on after-sales service

Help customer to buy turnstile security systems

Our goal is to partner with our customers so they get the solution they need to solve their project at hand.

When you select one of our products, you are finding the right solution to your specific issue. You can rest assured we will be with you from product selection to installation and down the road for your next project. That is our commitment – long term service from our products and our staff.