What is Ticket System ?

  • Ticket Management System is a software system which Integrated with computer technology, mechatronics, information recognition technology, the Internet and mobile Internet technology


  • Before scenic commonly used artificial ticket, artificial way ticket,existing reports statistics slow, loopholes, error rate, labor-intensive and other shortcomings .


  • Ticketing system information through a highly intelligent system platform management ticketing, check-in, check summary statistics, reports, marketing, and other scenic areas of daily operations


  • Timely, efficient and accurate data to provide detailed evidence for area management and decision-making, to achieve scientific and standardized management of scenic

Ticket Management System Function Structure

  • Ticketing System
  • Collection System
  • Center Management System
  • Network Systems
  • Other supporting systems

ticket system solution


  • Ticketing system is based on the work of the LAN environment .
  • Ticketing system data through the LAN can be summarized ticket sales, the ticket data to the data center for unified management and query .
  • If WAN access, the system can achieve a national network ticketing .


ticket system turnstile


The ticket system can simultaneously integrated scenic park ticket management with consumption system.Whether it is a temporary  of ticket user or member users, both are available through the card, two-dimensional code and other information into the area and a variety of consumer applications. Area management to meet a variety of consumer applications.


ticket system functions


turnstile with ticket system

Ticket System Function Introduction


  • To control turnstile, all business logic can be unified management through a powerful ARM chip.


  • To integrate all the commonly used identification devices, including all kinds of cards, fingerprint identification, bar code identification,etc.


  • Integrated display: external 5-9 inch color screen, you can customize the background color, according to the business logic to customize the display content and related functions.


  • Integrated alarm unit: through the built-in relay, control LED lamp and alarm unit.


  • Integrated voice unit:Built in TTS voice reading system, support Chinese & English (Bilingual) reading aloud.


  • Integrated card reading and writing unit:Including the Mifare card, CPU card, such as various types of commonly used to read and write cards, integrated read write unit can realize the card read write function, support card wallet model and support credit card charge back.


  • integrated memory Unit:Standard configuration Flash 32M memory, can be enhanced to Flash 64M storage capacity (additional charges). At the same time support the TF card and U disk function, can be used for storage extension. Memory cells can be used to store lists, records, configuration, and so on.


  • Integrated communication unit:Standard configuration 100M wired network, using TCP/IP communication protocol. At the same time, the WIFI wireless network module and the GPRS mobile network module can be selected, and the data communication and the data communication of the mobile environment are realized.