Anti-static test management system

ESD anti-static system includes reader , staff privileges controller (with 7-inch non-touch screen), the human body static electricity tester, turnstile , management software.

esd reader

ESD reader with human body static electricity tester

esd access controller

ESD Access Controller


ESD 7-inch non-touch LCD screen

esd software

ESD English Software

ESD System Features



  • LCD Display: Before taping card, display the number of entrants and the current time. After the credit card, personal information will be displayed. After the static resistance measurement is complete, show the measured static resistance, and whether eligibility.


  • IC Reader:  read the personal information of the IC card


  • Wrist strap jack: single loop, double loop wrist strap jack, two each are available; when the double-loop wrist strap jack is inserted, ,single-loop wrist strap jack is unavailable.


  • Measurement switch:  hand close to the same time, the upper and lower contact pieces, as shown in the following figure, the meter will start measuring resistance; measuring time 1 ~ 2S, before the device measurement is completed, the hand can not leave the contact sheet.


  • Status Indicator:  There are wrist band, left foot,right foot, three sets of lights, and there are three states: resistance is too high (yellow), resistance of fit (green), the resistance is too low (red); obtained according to the measurement static resistance, light up different colored lights to indicate different states.

esd tester

ESD Tester Parameter Info

  • Size : 292*160*70 mm
  • Input voltage : DC 12V±10%
  • Working current : Stable,about 400mA, maximum of about 550mA
  • Power supply : Power Adapter (current> 1A)
  • Resistance measurement range : 10KΩ~1GΩ
  • Measurement accuracy : 10KΩ~100MΩ:5% 100MΩ~1GΩ:10%
  • Communication Interface : TCP / IP
  • Working temperature and humidity : -10-70 Degrees Celsius indoor use, humidity around 60%
  • Resistance display : yes
  • LCD Display : 7-inch non-touch screen color display
  • To test anti-static hand tools, footwear : Single-wire wrist strap, double wrist band, left shoes and right shoes
  • Wrist strap jack : 2 hole single-line, dual line 2-hole
  • Measurement switch : Touch
  • Open signal output : Access opening and closing signal output (dry contact)

ESD Access Control System

ESD access control system